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Exhibition February 15 − May 15
Antiquities of the Tapan Museum in the Hermitage
The State Hermitage Museum in the halls of the Winter Palace presents an exhibition "Antiquities of the Tapan Museum in the Hermitage".

The exposition includes unique historical monuments of the pre-Christian period and priceless Christian relics from the main exposition of the Tapan Museum, including paintings, miniatures, church utensils, manuscript books, weapons and utensils.

The main exhibits of the exhibition are one of the greatest relics of the entire Christian world - the Cross with a particle of the Cross of the Lord, relics with the relics of St. Gregory the Illuminator and St. Blasius of Sebastia, as well as ancient bronze monuments - ritual belts and daggers. The exhibition “Antiquities of the Tapan Museum in the Hermitage” is held in the halls of the permanent exhibition of Armenian culture and art, covering the period from the 1st to the 19th centuries. The main materials date back to the Middle Ages, among them are the toreutics of Cilician Armenia of the 12th – 13th centuries, fragments of the architectural decoration of buildings of the 11th – 15th centuries, as well as the “khachkar” worship stone. A special place is occupied by samples of medieval monumental painting and a collection of book miniatures.

Prepared from the materials of the official website of the museumThe State Hermitage Museum.