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Exhibition February 25 − May 1, 2020

Griboedovskaya Moscow

In the State Museum A.S. Pushkin hosts an exhibitionGriboedovskaya Moscowdedicated to the 225th birthday of A.S. Griboedova.

The exhibition includes paintings and graphic works by artists of the twentieth century: N.P. Ulyanova, E.A. Kibrika, A.I. Shurygina, E.I. Kumankova, dedicated to the life and work of the writer; portraits of unknowns of the first third of the 19th century; the first editions of the comedy “Woe from Wit” and the views of Moscow mentioned in the comedy; portraits of famous writers, composers, actors who made up Griboedov’s circle of friends.

Quotes from the comedy, as well as statements by contemporaries about it, accompanying the exhibition help to better understand both the author’s intention and the attitude of readers to “Woe from Wit” - a work that has become one of the peaks of Russian drama and poetry. The entire exposition is divided into three sections.

Griboedov was born in Moscow and lived without a break for almost seventeen and a half years. Here he studied at the university, here he realized his literary vocation, from here in 1813 he went to military service. But most importantly, from March 1823 to May 1824 Griboedov lived in Moscow, working on the comedy “Woe from Wit”, in which he sang Moscow, which was called “Griboedovskaya”.

Based on site materialsState Museum A.S. Pushkin.