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Exhibition March 13 − July 12
People's life. Alexey von Yavlensky and Marianna Verevkina
"Acquaintance should change my life. I became her friend, this smart, brilliantly gifted woman."
Alexey von Yavlensky in his memoirs about his first meeting with Marianna von Verevkina, 1892.

Exhibition "People's life. Alexey von Yavlensky and Marianna Verevkina"monitors the individual artistic careers of both individuals related to each other.

Alexei Yavlensky (1864–1941) and Marianna Verevkina (1860–1938) entered the canon of art history as one of the innovative pairs of artists at the forefront. With the creation of the "Association of New Artists in Munich", which they founded in 1909 and from which the Blue Horseman Association arose. They, and each for themselves and together, as a couple, made a significant contribution to the development of art at the beginning of the 20th century.

Artworks at the exhibition

1927, 75×57 cm
1910, 55×90 cm
All artworks at the exhibition