Exhibition of Chinese artists Jae Lee and Zhou Bin

Exhibition 19 − September 24, 2017
In the Central House of the artist in the framework of the First festival Chinese painting held in Moscow the exhibition of two well-known contemporary Chinese artists Jae Lee and Zhou Bin. Visitors will see more than 40 works by these artists working in the style of Gunby and Mohupa.

In Russia Chinese artists, their work brought for the first time. In addition, from 15 to 24 September, Lee Jae-Yi Zhou Bin hold workshops on the techniques of realistic Chinese painting, after all, their work can serve as the best samples to study the style of Gunbi.

Zhou Bin, a famous Chinese painter, one of the brightest artists working in the style of Gunby, participant and winner of many exhibitions. It represents the direction Mohupa, the so-called beskonkursnoy, Gunby.

Jae Lee is the artist of the Institute of painting in the style of Gunby of the Ministry of culture of the PRC, and also the author of numerous benefits for learning, which is known not only in China but also in Russia. By Lee Jae – one of the founders of the direction of painting, depicting birds, animals and flowers in a natural environment. The artist had never left China, so his arrival is a significant event for the Moscow connoisseurs of style, Gunby.

In addition to viewing the exhibits, everyone can taste the famous collector of Chinese tea and take part in the tea ceremony.

Materials official website of the Central House of artists sites gongbihua.ru and zovem.ru.