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Exhibition September 25 − October 8, 2017
From 25 September to 8 October 2017 in the Exhibition hall of the Association of painters MOA to host exhibition of young artist Anastasia Nesterova "In search of an image".

Moscow Union of Artists famous for the fact that unites representatives of different styles and artistic directions. This is probably the only professional community in Russia, which feel comfortable as representatives of the latest relevant trends in art, and followers of traditional academic school of painting. Artists meet at vystavkoma and vernissages and live in a single exhibition space. Here equal opportunity to Express themselves, to tell the story of his life in the paintings as the artists already earned itself recognition of the audience and promising young authors. Including those of Anastasia Nesterova. This is the first solo exhibition of the artist, who, undoubtedly, a great significant event in the creative life of the painter. This is an exceptional opportunity that is significant for any artist to see the eyes of the viewer in the moment of contact with the painting. The opportunity to assess, to see, to comprehend their creativity, as if detached, from afar, like a composer at the premiere of his new musical compositions, when the soloist is not one specific tool or product, and everyone, even the smallest sketch is a unique and integral part of the cantata the joyful creativity of a young artist.

Young, beautiful, charming, talented, received an excellent education at the Moscow Institute of them. V. I. Surikov, the workshop of Professor V. M. Sidorov, in 2015 graduated the Alma mater with honors, Anastasia was still in the Institute began active exhibition activity. The girl becomes a member, perhaps, of all the major projects taking place in Russia, such as: all-Russian youth exhibition "Youth of Russia" (Moscow, Central house of artists), exhibition of winners of competition "History of Crimea" in the cultural center of Rossotrudnichestvo in London, exhibition dedicated to International women's day on 8 March, the United Nations Information centre in Moscow and many other not less important projects and exhibitions.

After creative trips to the Crimea in 2011-12, the Peninsula becomes a dominant theme, which is enthusiastically working Anastasia. The theme of the Crimea became interested in it since the first trip there in 2011, According to the artist: "Crimea is like a little Europe, comfortable, saturated colors in the summer and hibernate, a little harsh in the winter." Anastasia has written a series of "Winter in Gurzuf", the most significant, important, loved ones for the artist of them were: "a self-Portrait. Winter in Gurzuf", "the Roof. Winter in Gurzuf", "Waterfront Gurzuf. Winter" and "Boathouse". In these works, Nastya, not just the artist, and the artist is a woman, emotional, feel, watching, female primacasa specific details that make the mood of the picture.

The exhibition is scheduled to be presented in the order of 80-85 works, including works included in the series: "Winter in Gurzuf", as well as landscapes, portraits and still lifes. Answering the question, the important thing for her in the works, Anastasia added: "Whether it's a genre picture, a landscape or a still life, for me the important thing is to convey the image of what he saw, passing through your mind, reflect these impressions on canvas. Hence the title of the exhibition: "In search of an image".