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Edvard Munch: Color in context

Exhibition September 3, 2017 − January 28, 2018
The National Gallery of Art in Washington presents an exhibition of the most controversial artist of the late XIX - first half of the XIX century "Edvard Munch: color in context".

Edvard Munch is a Norwegian painter, graphic artist and theater artist. One of the first representatives of expressionism. His work had a significant impact on contemporary art. Munch's works are imbued with the fear of death and loneliness, but, paradoxically, and the thirst for life.

In the second half of the XIX century, progress in physics, the theory of electromagnetic radiation and optical sciences brought about new thoughts about the physical and spiritual world. Aspects of these ideas are revealed in the Edvard Munch exhibition, which consists of 21 engravings and lithographs. The exhibition examines the choice, combination and meaning of color in the light of the spiritualist principles of the artist.

Most of the exhibits at the exhibition are from the Epstein family collection, the largest and best collection of works by the artist outside of his native Norway.

Based on the materials of the official site National Gallery of Art.