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Intimate Art Nouveau

Exhibition March 14 − September 20, 2020
In the 1890s, a new generation of artists appeared who came of age after the peak of impressionism and became pioneers of various artistic styles.

Having united mainly in close personal friendship with each other, many of these artists became known as “intimists”, Named after their usually small works and intimate topics. Unlike the impressionists, who often depicted landscapes, street gardens, or city streets, these artists instead focused on interior scenes as a way to experiment with color, shape, design, and atmosphere, populating their work with relatives, friends, or collaborators.

The paintings, prints and pastels in this focused installation were mainly intended for display in private rooms, where they would become part of the viewer's daily life. Artists suggested that by introducing innovative art into the home — a place usually reserved for “craft” —they blur the distinction between art and life and create psychologically close, art-filled spaces for thought.