Theatre of power

Exhibition September 27, 2017 − July 2, 2018
Small gallery of the Louvre as part of its third season, presents the exhibition, which will illustrate the close relationship between political power and art.

As you know, since ancient times to enhance its credibility, promotion of ideas, strengthening the legitimacy of the rulers appealed to painters, sculptors, writers. About forty works in the exhibition, will help to learn more about the art as a "technique of power".

The exposition consists of four halls. The first ("Images of princes") tells about the various roles and functions of monks – the king-pastor, king-the architect, the warrior king. The second ("to Bow to the legitimation of power") reveals the identity of Henry IV, and as a ruler in search of national recognition, and as an example for the next generations of the Bourbons. The third room ("Ancient model") contains the mostly equestrian statues. And in the fourth ("Symbols of power") visitors can not only see the portraits of great monks, but also to meet the regalia, coronation objects.

Exhibition "Theater of power" – this is a great show and for fans of history, and for connoisseurs of art. To learn more about the rulers from antiquity to our days, from September 27, 2017 to July 2, 2018.