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Exhibition March 19 − May 16
Ernst Unknown. Thaw
Ernst Unknown Art Museum holds an exhibitionErnst Unknown. Thaw"dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the world famous sculptor.

The exhibition presents both the author’s works and the works of the sculptor’s friends: Vitaly Volovich, German Metelev, Boris Zhutovsky, Misha Brusilovsky, Gennady Mosin, Alexei Kazantsev. The halls housed the reconstruction of the workshops of the Unknown in Moscow (on Sretenka and at Prospekt Mira) and the famous exhibition in the Manege, which December 1, 1962 was severely criticized by the first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev.

Visitors will get acquainted with the Soviet period of the work of Ernst Iosifovich (1956-1976) and other masters of that era, through the stories about friendship, communication and joint projects of artists during the Thaw, you will learn how unofficial art in the USSR began to determine the trends of cultural transformations.

Ernst Unknown - sculptor, artist, graphic artist and philosopher. In 1977 he left to live in the USA, opened his own studio in New York. Ernst Unknown's works are often exhibited at exhibitions; they are in Russia, Serbia, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA and other countries.

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Artists at the exhibition

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