Nikolay Rybakov. Yenisei Meridian

Exhibition January 18 − May 11, 2020
The New Jerusalem Museum and Exhibition Complex hosts an exhibition of works by Honored Artist of Russia Nikolai Rybakov"Yenisei Meridian".

The exhibition features more than 50 paintings by the author, graphic works and enamels.

Nikolai Rybakov - Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of the All-Union contest Golden Brush (Moscow, 1991), laureate of the Baltic Biennale of Graphics (1995), the French National Society of Fine Arts (Louvre, 2012), participant of many domestic and foreign exhibitions from Australia to Paris. The artist's works are presented in the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of the East and the Russian Museum. Rybakov’s work is an attempt to feel and express the depth of time and the “spirit of the place”. His work is characterized by a complex textured surface organization, expressive colorful strokes.

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