Italian counterdesign 1965-1985. Dennis Friedman Collection

Exhibition February 14 − July 5, 2020
Houston Museum of Fine Arts holds an exhibition"Italian counterdesign 1965-1985. Dennis Friedman Collection ».

The exposition introduces unique objects from the museum's collection and the collection of Dennis Friedman. For the first time in 50 years, an exhibition is being held in the USA dedicated to the movement of “counterdesign” that appeared in Italy and developed rapidly in Europe in the second half of the 20th century. In the halls of the museum are located about a hundred exhibits of the best Italian authors of the direction.

The concept of anti-design is that the social and cultural role is put first in the subject of fine art, design, architecture. The supremacy of the aesthetic side of the subject is rejected. The works of the authors of this direction are focused more on self-expression, rather than on functionality and meeting the needs of the individual. At the same time, the exhibit was created in a grotesque ("radical"), fantastic aesthetics, relying on a "humorous beginning" and impracticality; using bright colors and imbalance.

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