Alberto Giacometti. In search of lost work

Exhibition May 15 − June 25, 2020
The exhibition resumed work in the halls of the Giacometti Institute museum“Alberto Giacometti. In search of lost work ".

Visitors will be able to see about 140 works by the author, including 70 sculptures, as well as sketches, drawings, archival photographs and letters.

The concept of the exhibition is to find traces and recreate unpublished works by Alberto Giacometti. The sculptor has experienced creative crises more than once, casting doubt on the results of his work and creative search. The result was numerous damaged, sold or lost works of the great Swiss. For 2 years, the Foundation has been working on the search and research of archival materials and the restoration of hitherto unknown works of the sculptor, and acquaints visitors with the result of the work done.

Based on site materialsGiacometti Institute, Paris.