Generation 909.76: Reboot

Exhibition June 26, 2020 − January 10, 2021
Slovak National Gallery organizes an exhibition in the halls of the Esterhazy Palace“Generation 909.76: reboot”.

Artists represented in exposure: Yacoub Bauernfroynd, Stefan Bednar, Ladislav Chemitski, Frantisek Draskovic, hips Hoffshtadter, Jozef Kostka, Frantisek Kudlach Julius Lyurints, Kiprian Mayernik, Peter Miliheyn, Yura Yudyushehu, Peter Mohelenzh, Peter Moheludzh, Peter Mohelenzh, Peter Mukhedzhus, Peter Mokhelenzhus, Peter Mokhelenzh, Peter Mukhedzhus, Peter Mukheikheyd, Mitcher, Peter Münik, Unik Mukheizhek Studeny, Julius Szabo, Esther Shimerova-Martinchekova, Jan Zhelibski and others.

The project belongs to the exhibition “tradition” established by Karol Vatsulik and curators of the National Gallery in the early 1960s with the exhibition “Generation 1909 - The Conscience of the Times” (1964). The title mentions the "arithmetic mean" year of birth of the authors, whom the curators included in the exposition, and they justified their decision not only biographically, but also tried to find other common features and connections in the works of art of the period in question. The author of the project, Karol Vatsulik, sought to preserve works for art history that went beyond the prevailing restrictions of state-supported socialist realism. The concept of the current exhibition is to continue “creating the image of contemporary art” for future generations.

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