Martha Minujin. "La Menesunda"

Exhibition October 28, 2020 − January 17, 2021
Tate Liverpool Gallery hosts an exhibition of renowned Latin American conceptual artistMartha Minujin "La Menesunda".

The unique exposition is designed by the author with the focus of stimulation of all five senses. It was invented and developed back in 1965 in collaboration with Ruben Santantonin and became one of the first installations and the most famous work of the decade. The concept of the exposition is to turn a passive viewer into an active participant. La Menesunda will be on display for the first time in half a century in the UK.

Martha Minujin (b. 1943) declared herself in the 1960s as one of the strongest voices in Latin American art. She created performances, video works and installations, often collaborating with other extraordinary and vibrant conceptual artists, including Andy Warhol.

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