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Exhibition March 29 − May 19, 2019

Boris Ryauzov and his time. Front Workshop

The Ryauzov Museum on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the artist’s preparation prepared a semi-annual “exhibition series”. The first exposition is “Boris Ryauzov and his time. Part 1: Front-line workshop ”will present graphics, paintings and documents figuratively revealing the facts of the artist’s life from his birth on July 1, 1919 in the fishing village of Biryuchya Kosa on the Volga and until 1947, when he returned from the front to Krasnoyarsk.

At any historical time, a person gifted from God seeks and finds a way out for his talent. At this exhibition, we will trace the formation of the painter Ryauzov: thanks to friendship with museums and private collectors, we will present paintings and documents that are not in the collections of the Museum. Experts of the artist’s creativity still have many questions about his biography. The employees of the Ryauzov Museum received information from the archives of the Tyumen and Astrakhan Regions about the pages of the Ryauzov family’s closed by Soviet censorship in exile in the village of Pokur for special. settlement. The exhibition will tell about the paintings that struck a twenty-year-old student at the Omsk Art College who, for the first time in his life, saw genuine painting at the Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts. About how Ryauzov got to Krasnoyarsk in 1941, and why, in spite of his reservation, in 1942 he decided to go to the front to serve as a reconnaissance gunner. The observation post with binoculars, a compass, a field telephone for communication was recreated in the exposition. Including an exotic exhibit - a true stereo tube of 1945, which was helped by the head of the military-historical club "45th Guards Rifle Regiment" Maxim Brit.

Photo: Nina Chervotkina.