Exhibition of sculptures by Nikita Zigura "Eden"

Exhibition June 27 − July 26, 2020
As part of the exhibition, the opening of the sculpture "Forbidden Fruit" by ZiguraArt will take place. This new art object is a gift to the city of Kiev from the Portal 11 gallery.
The sculpture will be installed opposite the entrance to the monastery garden of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral, namely on the facade of Trekhsvyatitelskaya 11.

At this time, the gallery will host a personal exhibition of Eden by Nikita Zigura.
As part of a new project, the sculptor created a series of art objects related by the idea of the perfection of nature. His sculptures are different fruits that grow through hard work, patience and skill. Perhaps one of them is that same forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden.
We lost our Eden as the first sin of Adam and Eve, and we continue to lose its remnants today, completely devastating the Earth. But humanity is able to recreate it. It is in our power to turn the earth into a blooming garden. Fruits are the quintessence of everything. In each of these "gifts of nature" there is a whole universe: an apple of paradise as a symbol of our world that everyone wants to touch, a pomegranate the color of the sky, all covered with arabesque, two cherries, frozen a moment before the fall ...
Now the world is faced with unprecedented problems: global warming, degradation of the natural environment and its replacement with artificially created ones, and as a result, excessive consumption of goods and services.
This project is like an allegory, an artistic rethinking of a world-class problem ...
The sculptor was born in 1984. In the city. Dnieper.
In 2003, he graduated from the State Art School (State Artistic Secondary School) named after T. Shevchenko.
In 2009, he graduated from NAOMA (National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture) in the sculpture department.
In 2012, he graduated from an assistant internship at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
Since 2012, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

The exhibition will run from 06/27/2020 to 07/26/2020 at the address: Kiev, st. Trehsvyatitelskaya 11.
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