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Exhibition 6 − August 9, 2020

It's a collage! Exhibition-sale online

6 - 9 August
artFIXprice facebook group
Artcultivator and "Cut and Glue"
curator Olga Kirsanova

Artcultivator and the “Cut and Glue” community of Russian collage artists present a new exhibition-sale in the artFIXprice group on facebook!

Oksana Tsarevskaya, founder of Artcultivator:
“For two months of the artFIXprice group existence, we have held nearly two dozen online events, including fairs, auctions and exhibitions of painting, graphics, prints, ceramics. And so, in the experimental fervor, we decided to enter the territory where, unfortunately, today the Russian art buyer rarely steps. And this seems strange and unfair to us. After all, the collage, introduced into artistic circulation more than 100 years ago by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, seriously influenced the development of world contemporary art. In the history of Dadaism, Futurism, Surrealism, Abstractionism and other "isms" collage is inextricably linked with very famous names, including Marcel Duchamp, Hans Arp, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Robert Rauschenberg, Kazimir Malevich, Aristarkh Lentulov.
I am very glad that the artist and enthusiast of the collage movement in Russia Olga Kirsanova responded to the idea of an online collage exhibition. Let's try together to reduce the distance between the collage and the person! "

Olga Kirsanova, collage artist, founder of the Cut and Glue community and the first collage festival in Russia:
“When you don’t know what to give your boss or mother for an anniversary, give a picture: still life in oil, landscape in watercolor, cat with acrylic, human flesh with pastels. Such a gift is not seen as something extraordinary and has long become a part of our culture of celebrations and tributes to the hero of the occasion. Without batting an eye, we can buy kalya mala of varying degrees of talent from an artist on the streets of Rethymno, Venice, Hanoi and in any other tourist city. We hang reproductions of Gioconda, bear families and posters from IKEA in our houses. Sometimes we can even buy a painting or drawing from a friend-artist for moral and financial support or if he tearfully asks for it in his social networks.

Now we want to draw your attention to that kind of art, which is not yet considered by the masses as a gift or collection option, and indeed very few people take it seriously. And his name is COLLAGE.

We want you to take a closer look at the collage, love it, want to hang on your wall a daring, unacceptable picture, give it to a friend or hide it in a closet in order to get it out over the years and find out that the author has become famous and now collectors from different countries for this old work ready to give their palace and kidney to boot.
Support Russian collage artists with like, word and deed. Go to the collage side! "

Collage by Olga Kirsanova was used in the video and poster.