Carl Faberge and Fyodor Rückert. Masterpieces of Russian enamel

Exhibition October 9, 2020 − January 10, 2021
Moscow Kremlin Museums in cooperation with Russian and foreign museums and private collections present an exhibition “Carl Faberge and Fyodor Rückert. Masterpieces of Russian enamel ".

The exhibition will feature about five hundred pieces of precious metal with enamel, made by Russian jewelry firms of the 19th - early 20th centuries from public and private collections in Russia and Great Britain.

The core of the exposition is the numerous products of the famous Moscow “enamel painter” Fyodor Rückert (1851–1918) and the world famous court firm headed by Karl Faberge (1846–1920), mostly of its Moscow branch, famous for its works. in the style of national romanticism. The exhibition will showcase works of other factories, workshops and artels - A. Postnikov, M. Semyonova, G. Klingert, A. Kuzmichev, whose products were sold by the world-famous American company "Tiffany".

In addition to paintings by contemporary painters, the masters and artists of jewelry firms during the heyday of domestic silver and enamel production were also inspired by rarities from the collection of the Moscow Kremlin's Armory, which was for them a school of skill and a source of ideas. The exhibition for the first time presents masterpieces of the Russian national treasury - Usolsk enamels, products of jewelers of the Kremlin workshops, as well as Chinese porcelain masters of the 16th – 17th centuries, along with their reproductions made by P. Ovchinnikov, I. Khlebnikov, P. Sazikov and F. Rückert ...

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