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Leon Spilliart (1881-1946)

Exhibition August 5 − September 20, 2020
Royal Academy of Arts, London invites you to visitan exhibition of works by the Belgian artist Leon Spilliart.

This is the first monographic exhibition of the author's work in the UK, featuring more than 80 works, from famous self-portraits to mesmerizing and serene landscapes.

Leon Spilliard (1881–1946) was born in the coastal town of Ostend. He moved to Brussels at the age of 20: the artist will live and work between the two cities for the rest of his life. Self-taught, he formed his own artistic identity stemming from the closeness he felt with writers and thinkers such as Edgar Allan Poe and Friedrich Nietzsche. Spilliart's works are characterized by dramatic perspectives and quiet glow. He is best known for his series of enigmatic self-portraits and Ostend's atmospheric night scenes. Visual exploration of himself and powerful images of loneliness bring him closer to European modernists such asEdward MunchandWilhelm Hammershoy.

Based on site materialsRoyal Academy of Arts, London.