Ludwig Knaus. Homecoming

Exhibition February 14 − November 15, 2020
The Wiesbaden Museum has resumed a large exhibition of works by one of the most influential German genre painters Ludwig Knaus"Homecoming".

The exposition acquaints visitors with the best canvases of the author from the museum collection, as well as works provided by museums and galleries in the United States.

Ludwig Knaus was born in 1829 in Dusseldorf and was educated at the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts. For 8 years he studied in Paris, where his talent won the immense respect of his French colleagues. The largest area of the artist's work is the life of German peasants and the lower class, children and young people, for whom the author has been imbued with heartfelt sympathy since childhood.

“The works of Knaus testify to his keen observation, the art of conveying the character and mental movement of people of all ages and conditions, his ability to create scenes full of life's truth and imbued with good-natured humor, now gratifying fun, now deep feeling. The dignity of his paintings is exalted by excellent drawing, brilliant color and masterful writing ... "(A. Somov)

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