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Phenomenon of a red revival. Grigoriy Dovzhenko

Exhibition August 20 − September 20, 2020
Mykolaiv Regional Art Museum of V.V. Vereshchagin spilno from the Bashtansky Regional Museum, I ask for a show of the creative decline of Mykolaiv artist-boychukist Grigoriy Ovksentiyovich Dovzhenko (1899-1980).

The creative path of the monumental artist fell on the burkhliv of the XX century. - the hour of revolutionary re-creation, the formation of the avant-garde art, repression, the period of the Other Holy Revolution and the "Khrushchev's Vidliga". Initially, it is possible to vvvazat spіvpratsyu with boychukіstami i began in 1925 p. before the Association of the Revolutionary Mistress of Ukraine, the father of which was Mikhailo Boychuk. The school of monumentalism, as the cultural manifestation of the holy rivnya, has learned the talented Ukrainian mitts, since they were not given the opportunity to live and create. The radiant purges of the physical welfare and repression against the incumbents before the collapse of the cultural recession they initiated became deprived of one of the sides of the tragedy of the Revolution of the 1930s.
True to the phenomenal, you can respect those who are Grigoriy Dovzhenko as a national artist of a new type, with a new paradigm of the natural to the canon and to all those who are opposed to those who are young people, who should not be deprived of enjoying the most repressive mysticism, , designs, mosaics entrusted with the dictate of socialist realism, without being angry with him and without sacrificing the author's manner.

Dovidok phone: 37-23-53
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