Jeff Koons. Absolute value

Exhibition September 3 − October 10, 2020
Tel Aviv Art Museum hosts an exhibitionJeff Koons. Absolute value ".

The exhibition presents large-scale works of the author from the 1980s to the present day.

Jeff Koons is considered by many to be the most important, influential, popular and controversial artist in the world. It is a unique and extraordinary cultural phenomenon, the echoes and influences of which transcend the art world. Koons' work challenges the distinction between "good taste" and "bad taste" and mixes "high art" with "low art" and kitsch.

Early in his career, Koons acted in accordance with the tradition continued by Marcel Duchamp by presenting finished objects like vacuum cleaners and basketballs in illuminated display cases - an action that expanded commercial and domestic properties and underscored the lure of new products. Along the way, colorful imagery taken from kitsch culture has replaced industrial imagery: puppies, flowers, teddy bears, piglets, or the porcelain, pottery and wood toys crafted by artisans and artisans for Koons. He continued to perfect his use of images from popular culture and created a series in which he inflated and outlined simple objects in materials such as stainless steel and marble to enormous proportions. Other sculptures lavishly feature celebrities (such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga), inflatable pool toys, or cartoon characters (such as Popeye and the Green Giant are themselves, figures of masculinity tending to bloat). These works were created with extreme perfectionism, making them an object of passion for art collectors and the general public alike.

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