A.R. Penk. How it works

Exhibition June 1 − September 27, 2020
The Municipal Museum of The Hague hosts a large retrospective exhibition"AND. R. Penck. How it works".

The exhibition features over 200 paintings and drawings by the German neo-expressionist A.R. Penka (pseudonym of Ralph Winkler, 1939-2017).

Winkler was one of the German pioneers of a new artistic worldview after World War II. Today he is best known for his "Streichholzmännchen": a rake-like figure that is invariably surrounded by pictograms, numbers and letters. Penck's harsh visual language expresses his distaste for cultural and political systems, but also has an exploratory and intuitive side.
The exhibition shows that the artist from Dresden has explored the art of painting throughout his life. He was not guided by taxonomy and rational stories, but rather - obviously - chaos and feelings were the motives. In every drawing and in every painting, he wanted to create a purely visual space in which fantasy can flourish, and the viewer can lose himself.

Based on site materialsMunicipal Museum of the Hague.