Exhibition 9 − September 23, 2020
The show "Archiv" is a picture of the photographer Marushchenko, who is unknown to me. And the photographs on the vistavtsi are Ukraine, which is actually not remembered. And in some cases it is not reasonable. The loss of a living sound with the pod and surroundings of 30 years old sutta, as it appears, accelerates the interpretation of images, as they stood on the border of two political epochs. I won't call them beautiful. Ale for the new history of the land is not a period of more significant social and political evil in the world.

On tsikh svitlins - the hero of the Radiansky union with orders on the children of the pidzhaks and the heroes of the all-round Ukrainian-Ukrainian life with the leaders of the pratsi in bare hands. Mistas and villages, for which they couldn’t beat them up, they didn’t bach them all the time, and they didn’t eat all the stench on the “editorials” of newspapers. Axis little Gorbachov marvel at the edge, yak zgasaє. And the axis is the great anonymous Ukrainians, as it is not possible to create a new power, sitting on the zhovtnevy border in the center of Kiev.

In the format of the gallery exposition, the frame is filled with a whole new level of visibility.

Effortless photographs are handled from the original negatives by the method of direct manual hand. The material of these hand-made video beats is based on formal analogy. The beauty of a lively vidbitku that hours of distance from the image of the image by Serii Marushchenko from the sphere of documentary science and to translate the proper status of artistic objects.