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Angels of Peace in Volgograd

Exhibition August 27 − October 12, 2020
From August 27 to October 12, 2020 at the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts named after II Mashkov there will be an exhibition "Angels of the World". It presents 75 paintings created by artists from different countries on the theme of "guardian angel". The project is timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Age category 0+.

Each of the 75 Angels is gratitude for every year lived in the world. The exhibited works were created by artists from Russia, Bulgaria, Canada, Austria, France, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, India.

Viewers will be able to take part in writing the general picture "Angel of Volgograd" and make a wish, as well as learn what thoughts and feelings the authors laid in their works.

The exhibition has already visited Magnitogorsk, and as soon as the opportunity arises, it will go to Berlin, symbolically reproducing the development of the idea of the famous monuments of the Great Patriotic War: Magnitogorsk-Volgograd-Berlin.

“There are many negative events in the world, many violence and military clashes. With the help of this project we want to bring more kindness, warmth and light to the world. Art, painting has this Power! We are not attached to any particular religion. The authors speak in their works of Love, Inspiration, Gratitude and Oneness. In seven years, 365 artists from all over the world will take part in the project, creating a unique art object, a kind of "Calendar of Angels", which will have its own active exhibition activities in the future. Now for six years "Angels of the World" have already included in the exhibition 308 paintings from 25 countries. 77 works are now in Europe, in Prague, the rest are exhibited in Russia. More than 230 exhibitions and presentations of the project have already been held; more than 400 thousand people have visited them. Posters with pictures of the project have already been decorated for 23 medical institutions throughout Russia. Unfortunately, there are no artists from Volgograd in the project yet. We have no doubt that the exhibition of Angels will be warmly received by the audience and will give them the kindest emotions! ”- said Oleg Rovda, PR-director of Angels of the World.

Background of the project:

In 1997, a young artist Yulia Ivanova fell seriously ill and was between life and death, doctors did not even promise her recovery. Then she began to draw an Angel every day in gratitude for every day she lived, for the opportunity to see her little son. And a year later, the disease was defeated, she was able to fully recover and still continues to draw Angels for herself and other people. The "Angels of the World" project is her idea.

If artists from different countries write 365 of their best and most sincere paintings with Guardian Angels and tell their stories of Love and Gratitude, then perhaps the World will also heal, as it happened with Yuliy Ivanova in due time.