The first Russia-based International online exhibition and competition #EncausticToday

Exhibition June 1 − October 1, 2020
Results of the First International Online Exhibition-Competition in Russia #EncausticToday (#EncausticToday)

The winners of the First International Online Exhibition-Competition in Russia #EncausticToday (#EncausticToday), organized by the artist Yulia Mamontova, have become known. Encaustic is a rare, unusual technique that originated in Ancient Egypt. The technology of encaustic painting was lost by the XII century, but since the middle of the twentieth century encaustic painting has revived, and now encaustic artists from all over the world use modern compositions and new technologies, which can be found at the First International Online Exhibition-Contest in Russia #EncausticCode.

In the online by 86 contemporary authors from Russia, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, France, Mexico, Poland, USA, Hungary, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Honduras, Belarus are presented. The exposition includes: abstract and realistic painting, icons, sculptures, panels, installations, collages created using wax techniques (encaustic, hot wax paints, cold wax, mixed media).

The victory in the competition for the best work of encaustics was won by Alex Dmitriev (Russia) - the icon "The Image of Nicholas the Wonderworker" (oak, natural pigments from crushed semi-precious stones, cold encaustic, wax emulsion according to the author's recipe, precious stones: emerald, ruby, spinel, tourmalines, cordierites, cat's eye, beryl, nephrite, amethyst, quartzite) ”. Second place - Julianne Jonker (USA), her painting “Allissa Heeler” from the “Healers” series, which is dedicated to people living apart from loved ones and risking their lives for the sake of saving people, made in mixed media (colored pencils, charcoal, cold wax , oil paints, encaustic). Third place - one of the first teachers of encaustics in Russia Natalia Zhukova - “Fiery Sunset” (wax paints, pigment sticks, ink, shellac, oil pastels).

Special prizes from the partners of the event were given to: Yulia Pastukhova (“Ripe Sunflowers”) and Calzada Georgina (“Migrants 5”) - an annual membership in the International Encaustic Artists (IEA). Aina Paisley - an invitation to cooperate with the online galleries of contemporary and classical art "Art Online 24". Polina Askeri (founder of ASKERY GALLERY) especially noted the works of Regina Quinn (USA). Maria Golovkina - visit to the workshop of the chairman of the jury Dmitry Sandzhiev. Laura Murphy - an invitation to air the author's program on the ArtVesti channel from the curator of the exhibition Yulia Mamontova The ArtVesti portal will publish articles about the artists Pamela Letona and Bolbas Lyudmila, for whose works the majority of the audience of the project voted.

The chairman of the jury, People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Sandzhiev, stressed: “I would like the younger generation of artists to have a full-fledged choice in fine art techniques. Consolidation and exchange of experience enrich, give inspiration and arouse interest of representatives of all ages ”.

Curator of the #EncausticToday project Yulia Mamontova: “Our goal is to popularize the encaustic technique in the professional environment in Russia and to introduce it to a wide range of the Russian population. In Europe and the United States, the technique of artistic work with wax is now very developed and quite popular. I hope this exhibition will give an impetus to the development of this technique in Russia, and the pandemic will not prevent me from organizing an offline encaustic exhibition next year, where everyone can see with their own eyes the beauty of the texture and color of encaustic painting. On behalf of the partners and organizers of the project, I would like to thank all the exhibition participants for their interest in our project, we hope that our cooperation was fruitful. Next year, we will be glad to see new works by famous authors, as well as discover new names in modern encaustics. Join! ”.

The current online exhibition-competition #EncausticToday (#EncausticToday) is available on the October 1, 2020.

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