Life / Time: Rembrandt, Abraham van Dyck and Aat Veldhoen

Exhibition September 25 − November 29, 2020
The Rembrandt Museum in Amsterdam hosts an exhibitionLife / Time: Rembrandt, Abraham van Dyck and Aat Veldhoen.

The exhibition features works by Rembrandt van Rijn, his student Abraham van Dyck and engravings by the contemporary artist and Rembrandt admirer Aat Veldhoen.

Rembrandt was a shrewd and sympathetic observer - his portrayals of old people are intimate, vulnerable and powerful at the same time. These include old people dozing in a chair. But we also see wise old men in their offices or an old bouncy baker. The culmination of this exhibition is the new acquisition of the Rembrandt House Museum: a painting by Rembrandt's pupil Abraham van Dyck. The museum acquired it at auction last year. This is an image of an old man on the verge of falling asleep. In seventeenth-century Dutch art, old people were often a symbol of the transience of life. But this man is an artist, he holds a palette and brushes in his hand. The message here may be: life will end, but the picture will remain. Or else: art conquers death.

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