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Rembrandt. Dedication. Alexander Sokurov

Exhibition September 16 − November 1, 2020
The State Hermitage Holds an Exhibition“Rembrandt. Dedication. Alexander Sokurov ".

The title of the exhibition refers us to a fragment of the Gospel of Luke (chapter 15, verses 11-32), better known as the "Parable of the prodigal son." The story of fatherly love and forgiveness told by the evangelist Luke has inspired artists for centuries. Perhaps the most famous and impressive embodiment of this plot in art is Rembrandt's painting The Return of the Prodigal Son, one of the symbols of the Hermitage. The famous director Alexander Sokurov dedicated his multimedia installation to this picture and the work of the great master.

The transformation of Rembrandt's painting The Return of the Prodigal Son, conceived by Sokurov, into the installation became possible thanks to the young St. Petersburg sculptors - Vladimir Brodarsky and Ekaterina Pilnikova. “The most difficult stage in the embodiment of painting in volume for me is mimicry and filling the form with emotions, so that the viewer feels the feelings of the father, in whose face there is compassion, but not simple, this feeling is more complicated. We will not show ossified classical images or boring copies, but a rethinking of Rembrandt. Sokurov is a genius director with his own special language, ”notes Vladimir Brodarsky. A special atmosphere in the exhibition is created by the music of the St. Petersburg film composer Andrei Sigle. The phonograms of distant battles, the sounds of cannonade, combined with the music of the Russian Horn Orchestra, sound like a kind of symphony.

Prepared from the materials of the official website of the museumThe State Hermitage Museum.