Exhibition September 15 − October 15, 2020
The exhibition of Iskan Ilyazov's paintings to the V.V. Veresaev Library No. 6 opened on September 15, 2020. The exhibited works convince that the artist did not stop there, he is constantly looking for new subjects, new options and ways to tell the viewer about the Beautiful, to reveal the Beauty - Nature, Universe, Space, Life, Infinity, Love. Searches captivate, symbols call, colors and shapes fascinate, the energies of colors, plots fill the viewer with warm, sunny joy. PANI professor Svetlana Voloshina-Andriychuk, who recently made a thorough analysis of Iskan's work, also took part in this meeting.
“I wanted to,” Svetlana Voloshina-Andriychuk said about her speech, which the meeting participants took with interest, “to add a touch of theatricality to the art exposition of Iskander Ilyazov, combining abstract painting and symbolic poetry.
The sonnet she performed by Ilya Tyurin for his play "Shakespeare", written in a rather figurative language, akin to artistic abstraction, fit into this concept. The poetic lines gradually awakened the imagination of the audience, offering to "present" the author's artistic inventions in real pictures of life and to draw an invisible, at first glance, logic of the narrative. An antique lantern and a worn traveling cloak created the image of a guide-reader who carried viewers to London in 1600. By projecting poetry onto the author's paintings, the artist-improviser revealed the figurative series of abstract painting from symbolically abstract theatrical stage.
Imagine being visible from the window all day
Lord crossed by wires
And your house, whose sad fathom
Not one inch has not risen in years.
Imagine a noise awakened below
Trees, heralding the rain,
And the cemetery of long dead thoughts
Rattling bones, breaking tusks.
Imagine: they lie at your bottom,
And the path is as dangerous as it is
Forgotten by an unrenewed head.
And if the rhymes start together
To their churchyard - then we will add to sorrow
About the dead and your new feat.
But every sound that fell on this descent
Will give strength to a hand that has not experienced their death.

Ilya Tyurin

Over the past few years, residents of almost all of Europe have met Iskan, in particular, Berlin, Venice, Cannes, Milan, Minsk, Moscow, Nice, Nuremberg and Paris. Everywhere and everywhere, at creative meetings with the master and his paintings, there are people who interpret his vision of space in words, and sometimes this is very amusing. For example, here is the annotation to "Composition No. 245":
“This painting by Iskahn reveals ancient symbols that create a sense of depth and keep the sacredness of shapes and colors. The symbolism of figures in Iskahn's works is the manifestation of spiritual, sensual ideas, philosophy and aesthetics in visual images. The symbolism in Iskahn's paintings opens the way for thoughts to the cosmic higher infinity through the viewer's consciousness and allows one to hear the music of the spheres. The subconscious of a person keeps a mysterious gene memory of drawings on the walls of the caves where his ancestors lived. Iskan evokes feelings in the viewer, referring to the primitive forms deeply buried in the codes of the viewer's perception. "
For people brought up on realism, this is difficult to understand and accept, but Iskan's art is not designed to achieve the goal - to conquer everyone and everything. To each his own. Struck by the sharp art forms of the master, the reviewer sees in the works of something more than just a picture:
“Iskahn avoids objectivity and imposing the meaning of the image on the viewer. He wants a direct impact of color and lines on the viewer, without connection with everyday visual "rubbish". His paintings are not narrative, but they are not conceptual either. They appeal directly to feelings, produce an impression that, together with the associations of the person observing the picture, give an emotionally integral comprehension of being and implies the singularity of space and time. " And we can agree with this reflection on the essence of the artist's creative task and the methods of implementing his plans. Head. Soul. Heart. But you won't be able to pass by.
Valery Ivanov-Tagansky, 1st Vice-President of PANI, Chairman of the Moscow PANI Ministry of Defense, congratulated Iskan on his successful project:
- The desire to create is characteristic of a person who is not indifferent, intelligent and courageous. This also applies to you, Iskan. Not everyone can do something new. It is given to you. You have the accumulated baggage of experience, communication, the basis of artistic thinking has been created. Follow the path that you like, dear and interesting. And we will enjoy the poetry of your work.
Those who did not come to the opening do not worry: it will last until October 20, 2020. Hurry up to see the sensation.