Two paintings by Bronzino. To the end of the restoration

Exhibition October 24, 2020 − January 17, 2021
The State Hermitage in the Apollo Hall holds an exhibition“Two paintings by Bronzino. To the end of the restoration ", which continues the Hermitage tradition of presenting works of art after research and restoration.

Visitors will see the paintings "The Competition of Apollo with Marsyas" and "Portrait of Cosimo I dei 'Medici" by Agnolo Bronzino (1503-1572), the famous painter and court portraitist of Florence in the 16th century.

Agnolo Bronizno in 1533 became the court painter of the Medici family, rulers of Florence. The master entered the circle of intellectuals, writers and artists whom Cosimo I gathered around him. During his stay in Rome in 1546-1547, Agnolo got acquainted with the work of Michelangelo, who in many ways influenced him. Bronzino worked in the technique of fresco and created easel works on religious, allegorical and mythological themes. However, he became famous primarily as a portrait painter, creating a new type of ceremonial portrait. Bronzino's models are human masks, a kind of mannequins in luxurious costumes, with idealized faces, arrogantly looking at the viewer.

Based on the official websitethe State Hermitage Museum.