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Exhibition 8 − November 22, 2017

Journey to the center of the earth. Tour with Antonio Geusa

"Creative Union of artists of Russia" with the financial support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation
is the interregional exhibition project
"Journey TO the CENTER of the EARTH" from 9-22 November 2017

17 November at 17: 00 we invite you on a tour of the exhibition with one of the curators of the Antonio Geusa.

Curators: Antonio Geusa, Eugenia Kikodze.
Anastasia Bogomolova, Sergey Bratkov, Pavel Volkov, Levon Gasparyan, Ivan Gorshkov, Ilya Grishaev, Alexey Dobrov, Elikuka, Andrew Esenin, Peter Kirill, Taisa Circular and Vasily Bogatov, Where dogs run, Konstantin Larin, Damir Muratov, Ivan Murzin, iced architects, Nati and Alex Pushkareva, Alyona Tereshko, Ivan Tuzov, Oleg Ustinov, Dmitry Fedorov

The exhibition project "journey to the center of the Earth" dedicated to the objective of the study and display of creative potential of modern Russian artists, their ability to engage visual art in the current situation of hypercentralization Russian cultural life.
Our project declares a new stage of independent contemporary Russian art – about contemporary underground.
The current underground, of course, has little in common with the nonconformists of the seventies and eighties. The lack of the "iron curtain" and digital technology has clearly changed how the artistic environment and the whole context of domestic life. However, despite a single information field, regionalism in Russia is a weighty word, the concept, behind which are absolutely different identities, ways of life, a visual tradition that is still opposing the unifying effect of mass culture.
To combine in a single project disparate creative pursuits, the curators decided to focus on this type of creativity, which manifests itself in the form of reactions to daily life, since the dialogue and the confrontation with the commonplace is one of the most important "engines" of artistic activity in Russia. This existential turn is a new non-conformist, because we are talking about independence from service artists both ideological and commercial orders, which today could be considered and the major art institutions, conducting a policy of entertaining populism.
"Journey to the center of the Earth" is addressing the situation of lack of freedom of art through the art, as well as survived underground artists under the Soviet regime: other forms of existence, it was perceived and played as a "character" role-playing games. Young Russian artists, too, try on masks, medical quacks, cunning managers, open-minded designers and even craftsmen-artisans.
Explosive revenge love and irony, lightheartedness and sarcasm can, as it seems, if not to improve the national cultural situation, then at least to open up new internal resources. Moreover, if the conceptualist underground was located mainly in Moscow and Leningrad, now we are talking about an entire network – or rather, the rhizome, which runs throughout our country, and connects artists from different regions.
Galleries at the exhibition