Dedication to Dmitry Vinogradov. The birth of porcelain "from the Russian land"

Exhibition December 5, 2020 − April 4, 2021
The State Hermitage is holding an exhibition “Dedication to Dmitry Vinogradov. The birth of porcelain "from the land of Russia" ".

The exposition is timed to the 300th anniversary of the birth of the creator of Russian porcelain Dmitry Ivanovich Vinogradov (1720–1758) and presents unique works from the collection of the State Hermitage, executed by the first porcelainist in Russia and being the most valuable examples of Russian art of the 1740–1760s.

In the 18th century, porcelain was known as a luxury and was in demand as a rare material, the secret of which was long guarded by the East. The long-awaited discovery of the secret of "pure porcelain" was due to the talent and diligence of D.I. Vinogradov. In his scientific work "A detailed description of pure porcelain as it is in Russia under St. Petersburg is done together with an indication of all the works belonging to that" (1752) Dmitry Vinogradov for the first time in European practice described the technology of porcelain production. In honor of the jubilee of the inventor of Russian porcelain, the State Hermitage, together with the Imperial Porcelain Factory, held an art event - The Image of Dmitry Vinogradov. Its result was the creation of porcelain sculpture - a poetic image of the discoverer of national porcelain.

Prepared based on materials from the official website of the museum The State Hermitage Museum.