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Catherine the Great. The Golden Age of the Russian Empire. From the collection of the State Hermitage

Exhibition November 7, 2020 − April 12, 2021
Some of the exhibits were specially restored for the exhibition and are shown for the first time.The exposition includes many thematic sections. The story of the arrival of a young German princess to Russia, her life at the court of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, the palace coup of 1762 and the coronation of Catherine II, collecting, court and family life. To illustrate these themes, well-known ceremonial portraits of the Empress by Andreas Kaspar Güne and Vigilius Eriksen, a double portrait of the Grand Duchesses Alexandra Pavlovna and Helena Pavlovna, personal belongings of Princes Konstantin Pavlovich and Alexander Pavlovich, the future Emperor Alexander I will be exhibited. Catherine the Great and other members of the imperial family: costumes, children's toys, jewelry, weapons, pieces of furniture, cameos, porcelain sets, books written by Catherine II for her grandchildren, works of art performed by the highest officials with her own hand, and much more. Some of the exhibits were specially restored for the exhibition and are shown for the first time.

Only two Russian sovereigns were honored to be called "great": Peter I and Catherine II. It is difficult to find any sphere of the empire's life that Catherine II would have bypassed her attention. Science and arts flourished in Russia, factories and plants developed, cities were built and improved. At this time, the foundations of the territorial division of the state and its administrative management were laid, the principles of teaching and upbringing of young people were developed, transformations were carried out, which for many decades predetermined the course of the development of Russian history. Catherine's rule is the era of great commanders and brilliant military victories. The reign of Catherine II is quite rightly called the “Golden Age of the Russian Empire”.

Prepared based on materials from the site of the Museum-Reserve "Kazan Kremlin" and museum website The State Hermitage Museum.

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