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For America. Paintings of the National Academy of Design

Exhibition October 24, 2020 − January 17, 2021
New Mexico Museum of Art Presents Exhibition “For America. Pictures of the National Academy of Design ".

The exposition includes more than a hundred canvases illustrating various stages in the history of the development of American painting.

A splendid selection of works by major American artists is presented in five exhibition sections dedicated to various historical themes: the origins of the Academy and the accompanying growth of the Hudson River School and American genre painting; the influence of contemporary European art and art education on the development of American painting; the nascent role of the Academy in the early twentieth century as the custodian of artistic traditions in the United States; how realism in its various incarnations remained a viable alternative to American abstraction; and the ways in which paintings by living National Academy members address contemporary issues, harking back to America's fabled past.

Based on site materials Museum of Art New Mexico, USA.

Galleries at the exhibition