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What the paintings are silent about

Exhibition December 16, 2020 − January 17, 2021
The Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts holds an exhibition of Nikas Safronov "What the paintings are silent about".

The exhibition will feature works in the author's Dream Vision style, technically based on classical painting, and actively using not only imagination and intuition, but also the subconscious, as well as unconscious sensations.

The exhibition project is interesting in that the painter's works will be presented both in classical performance on canvases and using ultra-modern multimedia technologies. Seamless projection will create the illusion of changing space not only in the form of digital decor, but also as an independent storyteller. The exposition is structured in such a way that it has neither beginning nor end. The viewer becomes a participant in the continuous whirlpool of paintings, thoughts and images of the artist.

Based on site materials Orenburg Regional Museum of Fine Arts.