The artistic heritage of the Klodt family

Exhibition December 23, 2020 − March 29, 2021
The State Russian Museum in the Mikhailovsky Halls holds an exhibition "Artistic heritage of the Klodt family".

The unique project introduces the work of representatives of three generations of the famous dynasty of sculptors and painters.

Peter Klodt von Jurgensburg (1805–1867) is a renowned animal sculptor, author of the famous horses on the Anichkov Bridge, who is widely known in Russia and abroad. Petr Klodt became the founder of a large artistic dynasty, whose creative heritage was first presented in a large exhibition. The Russian Museum houses the best collection of sculptures by Peter Klodt. Along with the unique author's wax sketches received from the Museum of the Imperial Academy of Arts, there are models of famous equestrian groups for the Anichkov Bridge, monuments to Emperor Nicholas I and I.A. Krylov, as well as bronze tides of famous animalistic figurines.

Another section of the exposition consists of works by painters - representatives of the Klodt family, members of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions: genre paintings by the sculptor's son Mikhail Petrovich Klodt (1835-1914) and works by his nephew, landscape painter Mikhail Konstantinovich Klodt (1833-1902).

The work of these masters made up an original page in the history of Russian art in the second half of the nineteenth century, vividly and multifacetedly reflected the important tendencies of its development. The exposition is complemented by works by the grandson of Pyotr Klodt - Nikolai Aleksandrovich Klodt (1865-1918), a painter and theater artist, and samples of engraving with images of P. Klodt's works and portraits of representatives of his creative dynasty.

Based on the official website The State Russian Museum.