Konstantin Kuznetsov. Paris, Brittany, Normandy

Exhibition January 19 − March 14, 2021
The State Tretyakov Gallery organizes an exhibition in the halls of the Engineering Building “Konstantin Kuznetsov. Paris, Brittany, Normandy ".

Visitors will get acquainted with an expanded exhibition of works by Konstantin Pavlovich Kuznetsov (1863–1936). The exhibition aims to return the name of the impressionist artist to the pages of the history of Russian art.

Konstantin Kuznetsov (1863–1936) is little known in Russia. Coming from a wealthy Nizhny Novgorod merchant family, at the age of 30 he decided that he would be an artist, in 1896 he left for Paris and never returned to his homeland, although he did not completely change his citizenship. Kuznetsov was a constant participant in the most important French exhibition Salons. His formation and evolution of the work of a talented author was followed by art critics who appreciated his impressionistic style, coloristic flair, emotionality. They found "subtle talent", "lyricism", "special taste and balance in nuances", "natural greatness", "charm ... without immersion in details", "seriousness of skill" in him.

Based on the official website The State Tretyakov Gallery.