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Forest of Shadowy Pedipalps

Exhibition January 22 − February 14, 2021
We are opening the exhibition "The Forest of Gloomy Pedipalps" by Alexander Zakharov, which presents stories from the life of insects and other micro-creatures.
Artist Alexander Zakharov is a specialist in the functioning of secret human and non-human communities, known primarily as the founder of the legendary squat in Trekhprudny Lane.
The project "Forest of gloomy pedipalps" is a story whispered by M. Kharitonov's novel "The Golden Key, or Buratina's Adventures". This is the world of intelligent animals, the universe of living beings who do not know the ideal image of man. How will hedgehogs and "bamboos", crocodiles and "batmen" survive on their own, not oppressed by the tyranny of homo sapiens?