Faces. Power of appearance

Exhibition February 12 − May 24, 2021
Albertina Gallery presents an exhibition “Faces. The power of appearance ".

The exhibition features portraits of the German "interwar" period. The starting point for this is Helmar Lerski's outstanding photo series Metamorphoses Through Light. Exhibition artists: Gertrude Arndt, Martha Astfalk-Vietz, Irene Bayer, Anne Biermann, Erwin Blumenfeld, Max Burhartz, Seuss Beek, Paul Citroen, Karl Theodor Dreyer, Andreas Feininger, Werner David Feist, Jaward Fleischmann-Edkowski, Joseph Gulgowloff , Grit Kallin-Fischer, Edmund Kesting, Rudolf Coppitz, Kurt Krantz, Germaine Krul, Erna Lendvai-Dirksen, Helmar Lerski, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Lucia Moholy, Oskar Nerlinger, Erich Retzlaff, Lenny, Iehnsl Wertzela , August Sander, Franz Xaver Setzer, Robert Siodmak, Anton Stankowski, Elfriede Stegemeyer, Edgar G. Ulmer, Umbo, Robert Wiene, Stanislav Ignacy Witkiewicz, Willy Zelke.

In the 1920s and 30s, photographers radically renewed their understanding of classical portraiture: their photographs no longer serve to depict a person's personality, but instead view the face as material that can be staged according to their ideas. The photographed face reflects both the aesthetic considerations of the avant-garde and the social trends of the interwar period. Experiments with a new language of form, the relationship between person and type, feminist role-playing games and political ideologies combine and thus expand the understanding of portrait photography.

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