Rembrandt: portrait of a man

Exhibition September 25, 2020 − March 22, 2021
National Gallery, Prague, in cooperation with the Walraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne, prepares a representative an exhibition dedicated to one of the most outstanding artists ⁠ - Rembrandt van Rijn (1606, Leiden - ⁠ 1669, Amsterdam).

The central work of the exhibition is a portrait of a scientist in his study from the collection of the National Gallery in Prague, a painting from 1634, a period filled with success for Rembrandt both in professional and private life.

With the help of other works by Rembrandt, as well as the works of his contemporaries and followers (Jan Lievens, Gerrit Dow, Ferdinand Bol, Govert Flink and Christopher Paudis), the exhibition tries to bring closer the inner life captured in the expression of the person depicted, whether it is an unknown person or a Rembrandt character. Knowledge of Rembrandt's work can never be complete without graphics and drawing, since the master, in particular, devoted himself to graphics with the same intensity and ingenuity as painting, and therefore works on paper receive the same attention as canvases. The epilogue of the exhibition offers a contemporary understanding of Rembrandt in the work of leading contemporary artists. Their author's interpretation of a Prague scientist in his study shows that Rembrandt's works are still a source of inspiration even more than 350 years after the artist's death.

Based on site materials National Gallery in Prague.