Baron Rosencrantz. Miracle of color

Exhibition September 3, 2020 − May 30, 2021
Arken Museum of Contemporary Art presents an exhibition “Baron Rosencrantz. Miracle of color ".

The exposition was the first major museum exhibition of the works of Arild Rosencrantz. The exhibition, covering oil paintings, pastels, illustrations and designs for glittering stained glass, tells the story of this hitherto little-known artist and his pursuit of light, color and mysticism. At the exhibition, you can see Rosenkrantz's fascinating experiments with color, created after his meeting with the Austrian thinker Rudolf Steiner in 1913.

There are many characters in Rosencrantz's world. They run out of its colorful fog, endowed with expressive body language and sparkling eyes. Rosencrantz was inspired by "anything that stimulates the imagination." Luminous angels, majestic sphinxes and fierce dragons are found in his motives. Many fantastic beasts have emerged from stories of spiritual epiphany. At the same time, these images are filled with imagination and fantasy worlds, reminiscent of modern fantasy universes, computer games and the symbolic world of tarot cards. They create parallel worlds in which we can see ourselves reflected, prompting us to reflect on our own position in the world.

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