Invisible women

Exhibition 5 − March 14, 2021
We have made an exhibition and project "Invisible Women", in which contemporary artists tell about the artists of the past with the help of their works.

How many women artists, sculptors, architects of the past do you know? There are hardly fifty names.

Women who decided to pursue art professionally had to face significant obstacles. For centuries, women did not have the opportunity to study in academies, which means they could not receive serious lucrative orders. Even if they did manage to achieve success in life, their names were forgotten a generation later, and their magnificent work was attributed to male colleagues.

We will tell the stories of talented women,
creating amazing works of art.
Dialogue with heroines of the past leads
contemporary artists
through their own works.

The exhibition will be held: March 5-14, 2021, in Moscow, at Nizhniy Susalny per., 5, building 18. The exhibition will run on all days of the specified period, except for March 8.

We have an extensive parallel program planned, you can find out about it here www.instagram…za_EfnOnX/, and register for events here fond-chetverg…ru/events/. Also, information about the project is available on the website:…id=3413555.

We are doing a project within the framework of the Thursday fund volunteering school, you can learn about the fund here:

The entrance to the exhibition is free !!! and for events too, by prior registration on the timepad. The exhibition will be of interest to a wide range of visitors, but especially to those who study and are interested in the place and role of women in culture and art. “Invisible Women” continues the conversation about why there were no great artists (we believe there were).

Link to the interview of Elena Tarasova, curator of the exhibition, on Radio Kultura: www.cultradio.…d/2506511/