"Psyche, darling ...". Literary plot from antiquity to Russian classicism

Exhibition February 10 − March 28, 2021
The State Hermitage is holding an exhibition "" Psyche, darling ... "Literary plot - from antiquity to Russian classicism".

The exposition is organized according to thematic and chronological principles. More than 100 exhibits, exhibitions are united around two poles: on the one hand - this is the novel by the Roman writer of the 2nd century Apuleius about Cupid and Psyche, on the other - "Darling", "an ancient story in verse" by Ippolit Fedorovich Bogdanovich, created at the end of the 18th century. The mythological plot has not lost its significance for many centuries.

Referring to the ancient myth of Cupid and Psyche, artists and sculptors from different countries and eras gave its heroes the interpretation that was consonant with their time and the style prevailing in art.

Prepared based on materials from the official website of the museum The State Hermitage Museum.