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Transformed nature

Exhibition March 5 − June 21, 2021
The State Russian Museum in the Benois Wing holds an exhibition "Transformed nature".

The exposition includes more than 120 paintings by artists of the 19th-20th centuries from the collection of the Russian Museum. Along with the masterpieces of renowned masters (I. Aivazovsky, A. Savrasov, F. Vasiliev, A. Kuindzhi, I. Levitan, N. Dubovskoy, K. Redko, M. Vorobiev and others), there are works of landscape painters who were pupils of these artists or continued their pictorial discoveries in their canvases. Many examples of landscape, expressively revealing the motive of the transformed nature, were exhibited extremely rarely or were presented at the exhibition for the first time.

The exhibition is dedicated to the display in the paintings of Russian masters of the most impressive and vivid natural phenomena that transform the landscape into a memorable colorful picture. Sunlight and moonlight, thunderstorms and lightning, rainbows and clouds running across the sky, sunsets and northern lights have invariably attracted the masters of the Russian landscape.

Based on the official website The State Russian Museum.