Liverpool Biennale

Exhibition March 20 − June 6, 2021
Tate Liverpool invites you to visit the largest contemporary art festival in the UK Liverpool Biennale.

Visitors can see new works by Jamaican artist Ebony J. Patterson (born 1981). Patterson's sculptures and eye-catching wallcoverings return to historical views of marginalized groups, including black and women's communities. The exhibition also features works by other renowned artists, including Linder (b. 1954), Judy Chicago (b. 1939), and Jutta Koeter (b. 1958). Both Linder and Chicago use confrontational imagery to explore the representation of women and their bodies, and to criticize gender roles. Also on display will be the work of Itell Colquhoun (1906-1988), one of the most important figures in British Surrealism.

You will be able to see a set of sculptures by the Estonian artist Anu Põder (1947-2013) "Languages 1998", cast from soap. Watch one of these soap sculptures melt in water during the Biennale. Other artists in this exhibition include Austrian artist Ines Dujak (b. 1959), South African artist Nicholas Hlobo (b. 1975), and American video and performance artist Martin Sims (b. 1988).

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