Cubism in color: Juan Gris's still lifes

Exhibition March 18 − July 25, 2021
Dallas Museum of Art is hosting an exhibition "Cubism in Color: Juan Gris Still Life".

With over 40 paintings and collages covering all major periods of the artist's development, the exhibition showcases the transformation of Gris's innovative style and basic motives from 1911 to 1926, a year before his tragically early death at the age of 40. Exquisite compositions explored the world of boundaries between abstraction and objectivity, tension and stagnation, color and form.

This is the first exhibition in the United States in over 35 years dedicated to the Spanish artist Juan Gris, jointly organized by the Dallas Art Museum and the Baltimore Art Museum. Cubism in Color: Juan Gris's Still Life highlights the artist's pioneering and revolutionary contributions to the Cubist movement, highlighting his fascination with objects drawn from everyday life.

Based on site materials Dallas Museum of Art.

Galleries at the exhibition