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Casanova: The Seduction of Europe

Exhibition August 27 − December 31, 2017
Exhibition "Kazanova: Seduction of Europe"explores life in the eighteenth century through the eyes of one of her most vivid characters, Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798). His famous memoirs depict a person ideally suited to his era: consisting of glamor, creativity, sensual enjoyment and social and political ambitions. Inspired by Casanova's story, the exhibition will present to viewers of the 21st century the diversity and complexity of European art and culture of the time.

Although his name is now synonymous with the seducer and adventurer, he was in fact much more: contemporaries considered him a charming and witty conversationalist, an expert on many fascinating topics and an international writer. Casanova lived or visited many of the main art centers of Europe of the 18th century, in particular Venice, Paris and London, as well as many capitals of Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, he knew personally many of the greatest figures of the era: the philosophers Voltaire and Rousseau, the famous opera singer Farinelli, the American ambassador to France Benjamin Franklin, two popes, and also such monarchs as Louis XV (France), George III (Great Britain) and Catherine Great (Russia).

At the exhibition in the Kimbell Art Museum there are about 200 works of art from many famous museums of the world, including paintings, sculpture, drawings, etchings, furniture, porcelain, costumes and musical instruments. Together they will demonstrate the splendor of Europe in the mid-18th century. The exhibits are structured around the chronology, geography and major incidents of Casanova's life and will consider such topics as adventure and travel; courtship and seduction; theater, personality and mask; art of luxury.

To visit the world of colorful Casanova's life impressions will be helped by the works of the great Italian artists Canaletto, Bernardo Bellotto, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, Pietro Longi, Giovanni Battista Piranesi; French masters Francois Boucher, Jean-Marc Nattier, Jean-Antoine Houdon and Jean Honore Fragonard; and such British painters as William Hogarth and Joshua Reynolds. The pretentious vignettes of costumed figures in an atmosphere emphasized by unusual furniture of that time will revive the luxurious world in which Giacomo Casanova lived, a world he seduced not only with charm and romance, but with his wit combined with rare intellect.

Based on the materials of the official site Kimbell Art Museum.
Photos from ntxe-news.com and artsy.net.