Napoleon Bonaparte: 200th anniversary of death

Exhibition February 19 − May 3, 2021
Louvre invites you to visit the exhibition "Napoleon Bonaparte: 200th Anniversary of Death".

The exposition will present to the audience over 150 original works of art. Among them are masterpieces created under the Empire, unique objects that belonged to Napoleon, and modern creations that follow each other on a fascinating chronological and educational journey. Extensive renovations as well as numerous digital devices offer visitors a true immersion in the heart of defining moments in French history.

Bonaparte is a complex character whose life fluctuates between heroism and tragedy, victory and defeat, modern achievements and regressive measures. To know Napoleon is to understand the world in which we live. From the rise to decline of imperial adventures, the nine-section exhibition traces this pivotal period, from key moments in French history to the intimate and romantic life of the emperor.

Based on site materials Louvre Museum, Paris.