Piranesi principle. To the 300th anniversary of the great Italian master

Exhibition April 10 − July 11, 2021
The Museum Association of the State Museums of Berlin in the halls of the Art Library presents an exhibition “The Piranesi Principle. To the 300th anniversary of the great Italian master ".

The focus of a large exposition of five sections - prints, books, polemic brochures, satirical paintings and hand drawings by Piranesi from the museum funds, which have never been shown before.

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720–1778) had an international career as an artist, architect, collector, designer, archaeologist, publisher and author. His principle of success was to understand reality in all its aspects and transform it into something new. The jubilee exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of his birth embodies the Piranesi principle in all his work.

Based on site materials Museum Association State Museums of Berlin.

Galleries at the exhibition