Satire windows. Front brigades

Exhibition April 23 − September 3, 2021
The Museum and Exhibition Complex "Museum of Norilsk" together with the Victory Museum presents two exhibition projects "Windows of Satire" and "Front Brigades".

The exhibition "Windows of Satire" is dedicated to the work of artists, poets, journalists, who during the Great Patriotic War formed the backbone of the "Windows TASS" association as a powerful propaganda weapon. The exhibition project "Front Brigades" from the funds of the Victory Museum complements the exposition. During the war, many had to fight the enemy with the weapon of art. Thousands of dramatic actors, singers, dancers, musicians, acrobats, composers, artists were during the war in front-line brigades, military clubs, in front-line houses of culture.

The interactive exhibition space is a creative and production workshop of the Okna TASS association, where each visitor can make his own poster or leaflet, as more than seven decades ago during the war years, manually, using stencils, or using a printing press, and then independently place on the walls of the "workshop". "Windows TASS" is called a poetic and artistic chronicle of the war not only by fans of the poster genre, but also by historians. In terms of the strength of their emotional impact, the posters were compared with such heroic and fundamental works as "The Leningrad Symphony" by Dmitry Shostakovich and "The Holy War" by Alexander Alexandrov. During the 1418 days of the war, 1250 posters were created by the artists of TASS Windows. According to the fighters, these posters were as formidable weapons as their rifles and machine guns.

The Okon TASS team actually united on the second day of the war. The workshop was located in the center of Moscow. The first poster was released on June 27, 1941, later they were published weekly. In a united patriotic impulse, people of various professions worked in the workshop: sculptors, painters, painters, theater artists, graphic artists and art critics. Many authors were widely known. Among them are the artists Kukryniksy (trio - Mikhail Kupriyanov, Porfiry Krylov, Nikolai Sokolov), Boris Efimov, Pavel Sokolov-Skalya, poets Demyan Bedny, Vasily Lebedev-Kumach, Konstantin Simonov, Samuil Marshak, writer Ilya Erenburg. Their selected posters are on display in Norilsk today thanks to the collaboration between the Norilsk Museum and the Victory Museum. The exhibition is supplemented by fragments from the album of cartoons "Norilsk to the Front", which was published in Norilsk in 1943.

Based on site materials MVK "Museum of Norilsk".

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